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Prakya Family History

Sri Prakhya Viswanadham & Smt. Prakhya Sugandhi Kunthalamba

Prakhya family is of a Vaidiki Velanadu Brahmin sect. Its pravara is Bhargava, Chavyana, Aplavana, Ourva, Jamadganya, Pancharsheya, Pravarvanvita, Srivatsa Gothra, Apastambha sutra, Yajushakhadyayee. 

I was told (my father's second younger brother Mr. Prakhya Madhusudana Babu has provided some important information about our family) that generations back, my great great great grand father, called as 'Sastrigaru' used to live in a house situated in a tiny island in the mouth of river Godavari, where Godavari joins bay of Bengal, some where near Amalapuram in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. He was living with his wife and four sons. One day after completing some work and whle returning back home by boat, somebody informed him that his house was on fire. He worriedly reached home and relieved to find his wife and sons safe.

He decided that the house and place had brought ill-luck and advised his four sons to move out to the four corners of Andhra Pradesh. It was believed that in this process, one went to Andhra region, one to Bapatla, South of Andhra Pradesh, one to Telangana region and the other to West Godavari.

The one who reached to Andhra region was great great great grand father of Shri Prakhya Krishnaiah. Sri. Prakhya Krishnaiah was married to Smt. Subba Lakshmi and settled in Pedavadlapudi village, in the Krishna district. His son was Prakhya Mallavadhani. He married Smt. Seetha, who was from Ananthavaram. She was the heir to the 100 acres land of parental property in Ananthavaram. Unfortunately Sri. Prakhya Mallavadhani, her husband died when she was 12 years and became a widow and did not marry again, due the customs prevailed at that time. As she was childless, she adopted Sri. Prakhya Viswanadham from another Prakhya family of Chagantipadu and shifted to Ananthavaram, to care of her land. Her father was Sri. Kuppa Lakshmavadhani. He had 3 sons and two daughters. Eldest daughter was Smt. Seetha and second daughter was Mahalakshmi. Both the daughters became widows at a very young age. Her sister Smt. Mahalakshmi also stayed with Smt. Seetha in Ananthavaram.

Sri. Kuppa Lakshmavadhani's sons were Sri. Kuppa Ramaiah, Kuppa Venkaiah and Sri. Kuppa Seshaiah. All the three were childless. When Smt. Seetha acquired the land, her relatives put up a case in the court that they too should get a share in the property. To fight the case, she approached Sri. Peddibhotla Ramaiah in Tenali, who was working as a Pleader 'Gumasta' (Asst. to the Pleader). But Sri. Peddibhotla Ramaiah agreed to fight the case but under the condition that her daughter Sugandhi Kuntalamba to be married to her adopted son Sri. Prakhya Viswanadham. Smt. Seetha agreed to the proposal and the marriage was performed. Finally she won the case with the help of Shri. Peddibhotla Ramaiah. Sri. Ramaiah also had a son, Sri. Peddibhotla Chalapathi Rao. He was a leading lawer in Madras (now Chennai). He married to Smt. Lalita.

My grand mother Smt. Prakhya Sugandhi Kunthalamba was a great poet and composed more than 200 songs mostly devotional and some patriatic songs. My grand mother's original name kept by their parents was Anantha Sita Bharati Adilakshmi Kameswari Annapurna Kanakadurga Prabhakara Vibhakara Sugandhi Kunthalamba. My father Sri. Prakhya Radha Krishna Sarma was second in the family of Sri. Prakhya Viswanadham and Smt. Sugandhi Kunthala and married my mother Smt. Vasantha, who  is from "Chivukula" family from Ongole. Eldest was Sri. Prakhya Mallikarjuna Sarma and he married to Smt. Samrajya Lakshmi who hailed from Vemuri family. and The the third son of Sri. Prakhya Viswanadham was Sri Prakhya Panduranga. But he died at an very young age of 16, due to jaundice. The fourth son was Sri. Parkhya Sree Rama Murthy, next son was Sri. Prakhya Madhusudan Babu and the youngest son was Sri. Prakhya Sudarsana Babu. The only daughter of Sri. Prakhya Viswanadham was Smt. Sakunthala and was married to Sri. Darbha Jagannadham of Machilipatnam.

My Grand father, my father and his 4 brothers family photo
I wish to write available information about the Prakhya family in Chagantipudi village in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, from where my grand father Sri. Prakhya Viswanadham came for adoption. The first known ancestor of this Prakhya family was Sri Prakhya Sambasivudu. His son was Prakhya Sivaiah and his son was Prakhya Kanakavadhani. Prakhya Kanakavadhani's son was Sri. Prakhya Venkateswara Sastry and he was my grand father Sri. Prakhya Viswanadham's father. Sri Prakhya. Venkateswara Sastry had six sons and my grand father Sri. Viswanadham was the sixth son. The eldest son name was Sri. Prakhya Venkata Subbaiah (lived in Chagantipadu), second Sri. Prakhya Venkata Ramaiah (Uyyuru), third Sri. Prakhya Rajaiah (Marrivada)and the fourth son was Sree Ramulu (Chagantipadu)and fifth son was Sri. Prakhya Seetharamaiah (he was believed to be adopted by 'Mantralavaru' in Chevaluru). my grand father Sri Prakhya Viswanatham (Ananthavaram) was the sixth and youngest son.

The eldest brother of my grand father was Sri Prakhya Venkata Subbaiah and he had three sons They were Prakhya Lakshmi Narayana, Prakhya Kutumbaiah and Prakhya Seetha Ramaiah. Sri Prakhya Lakshmi Narayana remained unmarried. The second son Sri. Prakhya Kutumbaiah Sastry who was in Penamakur had two sons namely Sri Prakhya Sastry and Prakhya Bhaskaram. Both his sons remained unmarried.. The third and youngest son of Sri. Prakhya Venkata Subbaiah was Sri. Prakhya Seetha Ramaiah and he married Smt. Mahalakshmi. They had three sons and three daughters They are also put-up in Hyderabad now. 
The second brother of my grand father was Sri. Prakhya Venkata Ramaiah and he had no children.

The third brother was Sri. Prakhya Rajaiah and he married Lakshmi Devi and they were in Marrivada. They had five sons and five daughters. The sons were Sri. Prakhya Chidambaram, Prakhya Rama Sastry, Prakhya Pundarikakshaiah, Prakhya Radha Krishna(Krishnudu) and Prakhya Bhaskar Rao (Bhaskaram). The eldest daughter was Smt. Rukmini who was married to Burra Satyanarayana and they had three daughters, Smt. Janaki, Smt. Naga Lakshmi (Nagulu)who married Prakhya Samba Siva Rao and they stayed in Bhilai, and Smt. Hymathi. The only son was Sri. Burra Subrahmanyam. Smt. Hymavathi married my father\'s younger brother, Sri. Prakhya Sree Rama Murthy. The second daughter of Sri Prakhya Rajaiah was Annapurna and was married to Malladi family.. Next daughter was Seetharamamma. The fourth daughter was Smt. Alivelu who was married to Sri. Akkipeddi Rama Chandraiah Sastry and they had only one daughter Rajjyam and she was married to my father\'s brother, Sri. Prakhya Madhusudana Babu. The youngest daughter was Prasannamma and she was in Gudivada.

The fourth brother of my grand father was Sri. Prakhya Sriramulu (Chagantipadu). He had no children.

The fifth brother was Sri. Prakhya Seetha Ramaiah. There is no information about this brother. (He was believed to have gone for adoption to \'Mantralavari\' family in Chivluru).

NowI would like elaborate my grand father Prakhya Viswanadham's family details. The family photo is displayed below.

I have already given a brief of grand father and grandmother in the begining.

My grand father's eldest son was Sri. Prakhya Mallikarjuna Sarma and he got married to Smt. Samrajya Lakshmi. She belonged to Vemuri family before marriage. Their only child is Bala Tripura Sundari. She got married and settled in Hyderabad

Sri. Prakhya Radha Krishna Sarma (P R K Sarma) was the second son. He married to Vasantha, from 'Chivukula' family. I am (the creator of this blog) the 3rd son of Sri P R K Sarma. My parents Photo is given below.

  Prakhya Radha Krishna Sarma & Vasantha                      
My father and mother with my elder brother to left, second
brother to the right and my mother carrying my eldest sister
My father and mother's marriage photo

My parents were blessed with 3 sons and 3 daughters. Our family photo is displayed below.

My Family (with out my father) 

My eldest brother My brother settled at Chennai due to professional reasons.) They are blessed with two sons,

My second elder brother is also married and his family lives at Hyderabad They are blessed with a boy and a daughter. 

Next is my eldest sister is married My brother in law is retired . They have been blessed with two daughters.

My next elder sister is married and blessed with a boy and daughter. They are settled at Hyderabad.

I am married and blessed with two daughters. We are settled at Hyderabad.

My younger sister and last in our family married and blessed with a boy and daughter. They are also settled at Hyderabad.


Parents play a great role in shaping up of their children's personality and feature.

In our family my father's love could not be shared by us for a long time due to his unfortunate demise at an early age. But we are greatful to him as he has planned in advance keeping in view of his health; to distribute the available funds to all of us as per the conditions prevailed at that time.

My mother should be commended for fulfilling the dreams of my father. She has exactly followed my father's advice and has raised all of us with lot of pain and tension.

The great responsibility of bringing up of the children without my father caused her health problems at an early age and still with the health problems she has achieved her targets. 

She had been a highly respected lady. She had been a path shower not only to us but for many others. Several friends and neighbours used to approach her in seeking her advice for their problems. She was never used sit idle. In afternoons she used to read several devotional books for the neighbours. She used to guide them in performing different type of pujas and yoga asanas etc.

All my brothers, sister-in-laws,  sisters, brother-in-laws and my wife rendered their support to my mother at various stages of her life. Even her grand children played a considerable role.

Due to long suffering with the health, we believe that God has given final "Moksha" for my mother and blessed her without "Punar Janma".

My mother's  parents Mr. Chivukula Raghavaiah and Mrs. Sundaramma and her eldest brother  Mr. Bucchaiah Sastry